Open the program "1C:Enterprise". In Run 1C:Enterprise, click the "Add...".
You will be prompted to select the type of database to create. Select "Creation of new information base" and click "Next".
A window will open, which lists all currently installed on the computer configurations. Here you choose the way of creating a database.
• "To create an information database from the template - created database will have a predefined configuration.
• "Create an empty information base" - this will create a brand new database with no initial settings.
To add the database, select the first option. In the available configurations window, select the desired option, click "Next".
Enter the name of the created database(the database name must contain no more than 255 characters) and specify a location to store it – on the current computer or on the server 1C(if the specified directory does not exist it will be created automatically), click "Next". Specify a specific folder to store and click "finish".
If the values of the parameters of the created information database (title or location) coincide with the parameters of the existing database, a warning will display as selected the appropriate line. You will need to make changes or to refuse further work.
As a result, in Run 1C:Enterprise" will be a new line with the name of the created information database. Highlight it and click the "1C: Enterprise" or double-click on this line. The program runs in the execution mode, and the base will be subjected to automatic initial filling.