To obtain Russian citizenship in a General or in a simplified manner. You can use General procedure if you are a foreign citizen or stateless person, which for the past five years living on the territory of Russia. In this case, you must be prepared to comply with Russian legislation, have a legitimate livelihood, and be fluent in the Russian language. Moreover, Russian citizenship can be granted to you, if you renounced citizenship of another state. All the papers presented in a General manner, are considered for 12 months.
To obtain Russian citizenship in a General procedure, you will need to present a copy of a national passport with a notarized translation and copy of residence permit along with registration. In addition, you must submit a copy of birth certificates and marriage that needs to be notarized. If you have changed the setting data, will have to submit relevant documents. You must also provide a statement that you renounce your existing citizenship to other countries, as well as a document confirming that you have a legitimate source of livelihood. You must prove that you own the Russian language at a good level, providing the relevant document. Finally, you will need to make 4 black and white matte photos size of 3 to 4 and the receipt for payment of the state fee.
You can use a simplified procedure of obtaining citizenship if one parent is a Russian citizen or are married to a Russian citizen for three years or more. This right also have with immigrants from the former Soviet republics, as well as persons incapacitated and having able-bodied children in Russia. You will get such a privilege, if you are a disabled citizen, arrived in Russia from former Soviet republics and who had a registration in Russia as of July 1, 2002. For the examination of documents under the simplified procedure specialists will need 6-8 months.
If you can use a simplified procedure, you will need to present proof of residency, birth certificate and marriage, as well as documents that confirm your waiver at the moment of citizenship. Don't forget to submit proof of your language proficiency and the availability of means of subsistence. This is the minimum package of documents, which can vary depending on what has allowed you to use simplified mode. A detailed list of documents required for each case, you can find on the official website of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation.