You will need
  • the diploma with qualification "psychologist", the certificate in psychological support
You took on a job as a psychologist, you must have the appropriate qualifications. To obtain it you need to finish higher or secondary special educational institution, the faculty that direction.There are courses of psychological training, after which you will be able to assist in such organizations as, for example, emergency or "hotline".
If you already have an education corresponding profile, and you want to find the work of psychologist, you can contact the local employment service. They have information about vacancies in your city and, in the case of the presence of jobs of a psychologist, and matching your experience to the requirements of the employer, will give you a direction to work.
Read newspaper ads appropriate headings, ask about the exciting you with their friends, organize the self-promotion (place a want ad looking for a job psychologist).
Internet resources that provide accommodation services and personal resumes of applicants, can also help you. In addition, in the Internet there is a huge, daily updated database of vacancies, which are posted on many sites for employment.
If the search of work of the psychologist lead to nothing, try to arrange a private psychological service. It requires a certain courage and competence, and usually, the initial capital and the appropriate documents entitling you to such activities: licenses and accreditations certificates, etc.
You can make a business plan and apply for financial support to the local employment center, there are programs providing such assistance to young unemployed professionals.
You can send your CV with a photo and detailed personal information to those organizations in which you would like to get a job as a psychologist.