Private psychological practice is impossible without specialized education. Also desirable experience as a psychologist in any organization. If you've got professional experience and is ready to start working independently – to study the market of psychological services in your town, determine the specific type of activity that you will do, and proceed to legal registration.
First of all you need to pass the state registration of the organization – usually budding private practice psychologists are registered as individual entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs without education of the legal entity. You will need to register with tax authorities (select the system on which you pay taxes – common regime or the simplified tax system), and also in pension, medical and social funds. Open a Bank account, purchase a print for documents and cash register. Determine how you will lead the accounting Department – if you do not decide to undertake this yourself, contact a firm providing accounting services, or hire a free-lance accountant. License for the provision of psychological services in our country is not required if you do not plan to carry out the activities of medical or educational character.
Rent a room, not necessarily in a prestigious neighborhood, yet close to transport interchanges and in a quiet place. No matter how great the temptation to save money and to receive clients in his own apartment – do not give in. Private space should remain private. To determine the cost of your services. Novice professionals are usually not put very high prices in order to attract customers, it's important to evaluate their services cheaper than they really are.
Major investments will require advertising. You may want to create your own website. Join the cooperation with major psychological centers, for example, at the holding on the basis of their self-developed training programs. This way you will help to create their own name and will attract customers.