Contact the credit Bureau that contains detailed information on the credit history of all borrowers. It should be noted that every person once a year can get free information about yourself.
If you address is not the first time, it is necessary to clarify the cost of these services. To access the credit history is also possible via third parties or via the Internet, but most often the information provided is outdated or inaccurate.
Check your credit history. If you find that a mistake was made or incorrect information, you should write a letter to the credit Bureau. Tell us what data is incorrect and ask them to fix it. After that, organization will contact the Bank and try to restore the truth.
Leave your comments next to the various items in credit history. It should be noted that such a possibility is provided for free, but message limited to 100 words. In this connection it is necessary to come up with accurate and concise explanation of spoiling your credit history record. These comments will not restore the credit history, but will allow her to improve.
Restore its solvency and to repay existing loans. Usually after completing these items, the borrower shows that he was a temporary issue which has now resolved. You can try to rewrite your credit history, by taking out a new loan and repay it in due course.
Please contact one of the organisations which are engaged in recovery of credit history. The cost of such services is relatively small, you will get an expert assessment of the current situation and advice to restore their reputation. The data of the company work closely with different banks, so you can assist when applying for a loan.