Prepare the necessary tools. Get a special machine with multiple nozzles will be sufficient for regular hygiene haircut. Trips to the groomer can be reduced to one visit for 3-4 months, the rest of the time can be cut to York house.
Wash and dry the dog. To cut the dog easier, if the wool is free from "tangles" was carefully combed and dried. Cut the claws.
Pet can be frightened of the sound machines and strange manipulations. Protect yourself.
Treat the dog's head. Start with the ears – obligate the top of the ears, holding the ear to the head with a free finger. For processing, use the smallest nozzle. Mow hair against the hair growth. Trim the anus and pads.
The average nozzle vestigate the anus and genitals, remove the fur from the paw pads, treat the space between the legs.
Cut the wool from the body (one side).Take the big nozzle, and start the cut with the base of the tail. Move the body to the head, keeping the direction of shearing. Treat side, from the knee hind legs and ending with the knee of the front paws. Treat the other side.
The same sequence should be cut to York and from the other side. Remove the wool from the abdomen. Turn the dog to face yourself and lift front paws with your free hand. In this position, cut wool from the abdomen. Cut the chest and neck.
Holding a dog standing on hind legs, treat the throat area and the spot between the front legs. Trim the tail. Remove hair on the tail with scissors, choosing the length at their discretion.
Treat paws. Remove excess hair, leaving the length of the hair to the floor. This haircut is suitable for daily life, show dogs should be taken to professionals.