The most affordable way to clean your kettle from scale is citric acid. It was the lemon will help the insides of your kettle again to Shine. But first we need to know what a scum.

A scum usually forms on the walls and the bottom of the kettle. The resulting layer of this substance indicates the presence in the water that you consume, large amount of salts. Because of the hardness of the water kettles are subjected to the formation of this scale.
Of course, scale has a negative impact on the heating elements of the kettle. Steel items start poorly heated, and there is a multiple thermal resistance. As a result, the kettle is broken. In addition, the scale is a bad influence on human health. Once in the body, it can cause damage to the kidneys and urinary system.
Of course, there are plenty of ways to get rid of scale. So, some boil in the kettle sodas and some potato peelings. Clean kettles, and with hard metal brushes and brushes.
In stores you can also buy various chemicals that can also no problem to remove this attack. But who can guarantee you complete safety from such experiments? Therefore it is better to choose the most effective and harmless remedy is citric acid. Because the scum is formed of the alkaline, it is acid can destroy it.
To clean the kettle you need only one pack of food citric acid. So, pour a packet of acid into the kettle. Then type it in cold water and leave for a few hours. In no case do not boil the kettle. The chemical reaction will start and at normal room temperature. If the thickness of the layer of scale is not very big, then it disappears after a quarter of an hour. Next, pour the used water and boil the kettle with the clean water 2 times.