You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • pencil or pen;
  • - calendar weather.
In order to draw the rose of the winds, you will need the data of daily wind direction for some time. For example, you can observe the weather for one month, recording daily information about wind direction in the weather Calendar".
Draw on a sheet of paper intersecting lines (according to the principle coordinate system), which will specify the principal directions, otherwise they are called Rumba horizon (North–South, West–East). Then swipe through the center of the two lines (North-West, South-West, North-East, South-East). All you should have eight directions (compass points). Sign their names on your drawing (S; u; W; V; s-Z; s-V; SW; se ).
Using data from "Calendar, weather", in each direction from the center in the direction where the wind blows, check the scale of the number of days during which the prevailing wind is a certain direction. You can choose any convenient scale, e.g. 1 day to take 0.5 cm If, for example, wind South-West blew in a month 5 days it is required from the centre of the graph by a line, which is oriented to the South-West, to defer 2.5 cm and make a mark.
In the same way mark winds on each of the eight directions.
Of the mark consistently connect straight lines. In the center of a rose of winds near or specify the number of days with calm weather.
Ray rose of the winds you can make a conclusion about the prevailing winds in your area during the month.