You will need
  • - Vane-anemometer;
  • - hand-held anemometer;
  • - stopwatch;
  • - conversion table.
The most common way to determine the strength of the wind,we can say a household - is the installation on the roof or on a freestanding mast wind vane-anemometer.
These devices are available from our industry. Mass and compulsory in Soviet times they were delivered to all schools for the arrangement of the meteorological sites.
If you wish, you can make a similar vane-anemometer with their hands. The speed of wind here is determined by the deviation of metal hinged Board regarding eight pins.
The table then determine the value of the velocity of the windcorresponding to the pin of the sector.
In terms of orphaned locations - camping, exploration, widely used on ships of this method is the speed of the wind, both short and long time intervals, it is convenient to measure by hand the mechanical anemometer.
To measure the speed of the wind manual wind instruments you need a stopwatch. Coming on the wind, at the same time removing the brake anemometer, you start the stopwatch. After, for example, minutes, the wind stopped, and readings.
Average speed of wind will be the quotient of the indications on the dial 60.
For example, V = 480:60 = 8 m/sec.
Thus, you will get average speed of wind in the interval of 60 seconds. For greater accuracy you can increase the time of measurement or to carry out repeated measurements at short intervals.
Finally, the power of the wind can you identify by their appearance. Look around under the action of the wind under different slope smoke rising from the chimney or fire pit, bend or break branches of trees, on the water or a mirror surface, or rises weather and stronger wind - tossed waves.
The approximate force of the wind in this case you can define the tables.
Table of measurement of speed of wind.