You will need
  • Computer, Norton PartitionMagic, Internet access
To convert a partition need Norton PartitionMagic. Download the latest version of the program, as it has more features, and install it on your computer.
Run the program. After its launch read the interface. In the right window the program will display partitions on your hard disk. When you click the hard disk icon displays information about the type of this section.
To create a spare partition you can also use this program. To do this in the "pick a task" click on command to "Create a backup partition. A dialog box will appear. Read the introduction and click "Next". In the next window to change the settings is not necessary, the program will automatically choose all the settings. Just click "Next". Opens a dialog box with hard disk partitions. Select what partition to use the storage for backup. Then select the amount of memory the backup partition and its file system. Finally click "Finish".
Now, select the logical partition that you want to convert in the main. Then in the "partition Operations", select "Convert partition". In the window that appears, select "Primary partition". It can also be checked automatically. Then click OK. Will start the process of converting your chosen hard disk partition. But it must be activated. To do this in the "Operations pending" double-click the right mouse button on the conversion. Then click "Apply".
The computer will restart. Wait until your operating system. Now you have chosen a logical disk converted to basic.