Webmoney is one of the oldest electronic payment systems, which is known in many countries. Its great advantage is the ability to work with several popular currencies. By means of Webmoney you can pay in many online stores, to pay for many different services (fines, utilities, cellular, etc.). Create dollar purse in system does not cause any problems.

For owners of WM-purses

If you are already registered in the system Webmoney, then create dollar purse is not difficult. To do this, go to the website of the payment system, enter your username and password, the characters from the image. Once in your account, click the tab "purses", which displays all your wallets in different currencies. In the line where they appear, there is a tab "add more" and drawn a plus. In the opened tab you need to choose from the drop down list the currency you need and the type of the purse. The dollar wallet is marked as "WMZ". You should carefully read the terms of agreement to use the services of the payment system and wallet in particular, then tick the box to accept the agreement. Press "create".

After these steps, the system will direct you to the page with all of your purses, which will displays the dollar purse. Can record the number so he was always on hand or easy to remember. Your wallet is ready to accept and send payments.

For those who are not registered in the system

To create dollar account in the payment system Webmoney, it is required to pass a simple registration procedure. Click on the tab "registration", then select the type of registration. There are only two: for those who still doesn't have his own account in the system, and for those who already have a WMID number (your account number), but wants to use it through the Keeper Mini.

To register, you can enter your phone number, making him bind her purse, or choose the details of your account on any popular social network. Next, you need to fill the registration data (name, address, passport details, etc.), confirm e-mail address and a mobile phone to create a password for the system.

After registration, you can choose any type of your first purse. For example, the dollar. Read the terms of agreement and confirm their agreement as necessary. After that you will be available transactions in the system and outside, which accepts e-currency Webmoney.