The most common case — the payment account by using installed on the computer program of WM Keeper Classic. Run Webmoney using the shortcut on the desktop or through the start menu -> All programs -> Webmoney -> WM Keeper Classic. Enter your number in the system, that is your WMID and password. Or others, the way you log in to the system of electronic payments.
Click with the left mouse button in the main window of the program click "Menu" in the upper left corner. Select the line "Incoming account" and click the item "View all". A window will open, which will be visible to all payment transactions with your wallet, and the top point will be the final score. Double-click on it to open the detailed description. If this account has not been paid, in the bottom left of the window you will see the button "Pay".
Click on it and read the detailed description of the operation and further action. The next screen prompts you to enter a numeric code to confirm the payment account. Enter the code and press "Next" again. If your wallet has sufficient funds, they will be written off in the payment account, and you will see a window confirming the payment transaction.
Alternative — instead of watching the Inbox of the account, click the left mouse button the tab "Incoming" in the program window. Then proceed as described above.
Another case is if you are not using a program from your computer, and the network version of the purse, the so-called WM Keeper Mini. To start log in on the site of your wallet. Then look opposite the line of "Pay" — if you have unpaid bills, this will be indicated, for example, "Pay: 1 account."
Click on this inscription. The page will display details of the account. If you agree to pay this account, click just below the button "Pay".
On the next page read the message asking you to confirm this operation. Enter the required confirmation, that is, code, password, or system password, electronic key, and press the button labeled "OK".
If your wallet has sufficient funds message will appear on successful payment and next Payment" you will see the line "No new accounts". Otherwise, refill your wallet and try again to make a payment.