You will need
  • Computer;
  • - Microsoft Word.
In the work, pay attention to the version of Microsoft Word. Points inserting tables in the document are different, for example, in earlier versions of this tab is the status tab, a separate, later, it can be found in the Insert tab. Click "table", you will see a list of several ways to insert a table. Select the first line - "Insert table", you will see a new small window. Select the desired number of rows and columns, click OK in the working document will appear in the table. Format created a table on your own - adjust the size of columns, add rows.
Click on the table, right-click. Select "table Properties". You will see a window with several tabs: "table", "Row", "Column", "Cell". Go to the tab "table" on the bottom right for the "Border and fill" Options.
Select "Border and shading". This menu contains the following tabs - "Border", "Page", Fill. Go to the tab "Border". Select the "type" parameter refers to the type of lines you have created the table.
Scroll, select the most suitable type for your table. In the same column there is a tab "Color" - it also refers to the lines of the table. Select the option make table completely transparent by selecting the white background. The table itself is not deleted, just become invisible.
Try to use another way. When you create a table, select the second item – "Draw a table".Click on this line instead of the cursor you will see a pencil. Create with it your own, individual table, with different cells and different number of columns. When you create a table, select the desired pen color, line type, draw a transparent table.