Passport valid three months after the end of your requested visa. To her stuck, the passport must be at least two free pages. The first page which shows personal data of the traveler, you need to copy. If you've been in the Schengen countries, but your previous visa remain in the old passport, you can apply it to documents: this increases chance to get a visa and also speaks in favor of increasing its validity.
Application form for a visa. If you are traveling for business or for tourism purposes, it is filled on the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia, in Latin letters. After you finish to fill it, then print all 4 of the resulting page. You can also fill in the form and by hand, for this will receive a form in the Consulate of Estonia, or download on the website of the foreign Ministry of the country. The application form must attach one color photograph of size 4 cm x 5 cm, made on a light background.
Confirmation of the purpose of the trip, which suitable for hotel reservations. Be careful, Estonia requires a Fax directly from the hotels or printouts of armor, but only from the hotels, not booking sites. You can attach a voucher from the travel company, signed by the Manager and certified with the seal of the company. You can also attach a detailed description of the route. If you are planning a private visit, you will need an invitation from the host person and copy of his ID.
Tickets to the country and back. You can attach the tickets to the Estonia, and in another country of the Schengen agreement, if you have a complicated route. Visa Estonia issued on the basis that you drive through this country, and that you are going to reside on its territory most of the time from all of your route. If you arrive by car, you need to provide the route, as well as copies of registration certificate, driving license and insurance on the car.
Certificate from the Bank confirming the availability of funds for travel. So must be the sum of not less than 56 euros per person for each day of stay in Schengen. Also to be considered traveller's cheques.
If you can't pay your own trip, it is necessary to attach a confirmation from the Bank from the nearest relative, a sponsorship letter from him, a work statement and a copy of the first page of his passport.
Health insurance, original and copy. The insurance must be valid throughout the Schengen area, and the amount of cover to be not less than 30 thousand euros.
Passport and a copy containing all information pages, it is very important to show a page with a registration or registration.