The blisters are dry and wet. Watery blisters formed due to sweating of feet. Such calluses can be removed with an ordinary sewing needle. Previously the needle should be wiped with alcohol or other alcohol-containing substance. Then just puncture the blister, and to anoint the edges with green paint. Be sure to seal the plaster corns. Do not use alcohol to disinfect the blisters, as the skin there is very delicate and can crack.
The appearance of dry blisters not everyone can afford going to the salon for a professional cleaning of the skin. You can use other means. You need to prepare a soap solution in a basin and add a decoction of nettle or plantain. After the leg has steamed out, add a lemon peel to the heel and wrap with a bandage or clean cloth. Leave on overnight and repeat the procedure for 2-3 days. After you carefully cut the corn with scissors. Except for the lemon, on steamed corn you can apply grated raw potatoes. The result is the same.
If formed callus only that, it can be removed using a poultice of bread crumb. The crumb is moistened in vinegar and also applied to the corn. Heel wrapped with cellophane and leave for the night. In the morning the corn can be cut.
Fresh corn and uncertainty can be treated another way. Dissolve in a basin of water with potassium permanganate until slightly pink and add a pinch of salt. Dip your feet in a basin and keep for 20 minutes. After wipe dry, and seal the corn. In the morning you can delete it.
The main reason for the formation of calluses – the wrong shoes. Comfortable shoes will never bring you troubles and troubles. If you constantly get blisters on the heels, it's time to think about a new, good pair of shoes. It is better to buy quality shoes than to suffer from corns when walking.