You will need
  • - Adobe Acrobat Professional.
Open Adobe Acrobat Professional and click the menu item File -> Create PDF -> From multiple files. A new window will open where you will select the required files. To do this, click the Browse button and in the appeared window select the required pdf files. To simplify the search in the "files of Type" select Adobe PDF Files (*.pdf).
Left mouse click select the file and click the Add button. The document will appear in the list of Files to Combine. If the files are in one directory, you can select them both, hold down the Ctrl key and click them with left mouse button. If not, you will have to repeat these steps.
In the Files section of the Arrange buttons to edit the files. If you click on Remove, the selected file will be removed from the list of Files to Combine, and using the buttons Move up and Move down moves the selected file up or down in the list. This is important, as this determines the final location of the files in the final document.
If you want to see how will look the final document taking into account the location of files in the list of Files to Combine, click on the Preview button. In the window that opens, use the arrows "Up" and "Down" to move forward and backward through a document or just to the page number in the appropriate field. To finish viewing, click OK. Clicking on the Help button to see help regarding the file connection, but it is performed in English.
If you have already connected the document this way and you must use these documents to create a new document, use the drop down menu the Include recently combined files.
By creating a list, click OK. In the appeared window specify the path to the future file, its name, and make sure that the field "files of Type" is specified as PDF. Click "Save".