Remove the vehicle from the register if you buy used car. Get the transit numbers. They are issued on a new car. You will be able to overtake the car in another city, while there are those rooms. In the presence of "transitos" new inspection of vehicle not required. The insurance policy need to make sure, and after the registration of the car in your city, you will enter into the insurance of her room.
Apply for a General power of attorney, if the owner and you decide not to remove the machine from the register. Of course, the vehicle must not be secured by a tool. His insurance inspection should not be expired.
Give the traffic police inspection of the vehicle, where it will compare the number of his body. UPON completion of a vehicle inspection certificate.
Write a statement to the local police with a request to remove the car from the account, attach the inspection report CU inspector of traffic police. Consideration of the application and removal of the machine from the register is made within one month. In rare cases this process may be delayed.
Overtake the vehicle with another city with a companion. They can be a friend, father, brother. It is desirable to have in the car allowed for self-defense tools. Cases of robbery on the highway today, a rarity, but no one is immune.
Go before dark if you have a long road. To overtake the car in another city at night is not recommended. This is due to several reasons. First, every person taxed, and his reaction is slowed down. Accordingly, increases the risk of accidents. You can save 10 hours on the road, and can lose their purchase or life. Second, the day the probability of an attack is several times lower than at night.
Send the title by registered mail to your address. To haul the car to carry his registration certificate, technical inspection card and decorated insurance. No title to sell the car is almost impossible, especially easy road to the scammers.
Remember that to haul in another town car necessary condition is the existence of a contract of sale. It allows you to avoid unnecessary litigation with the police (traffic police).