Refer to the people living in the neighborhood. It is possible that some of them are the coordinates of the owner of the apartment. Even if they know only the surname, name and patronymic of its owner, that's something. Try to figure out where this person is (name of firm or institution). Contact the place of this man, but not in the personnel Department. Much easier in such situations to collect some information, speaking in a relaxed manner with co-workers or guards. If you name some colleagues of the owner of the apartment says nothing (and it happens), find out in advance from its neighbours as it looks, even with something to start a conversation about it.
Contact the housing Department for information about the owner of the apartment. However, the housing Department can provide you with only a name. But with these information (address and name) you can contact FRS to determine whether this person is the owner of the apartment, while, for example, the seller of the apartmentwho tries to make a deal with you, assures you that apart from him there are no owners.
In the FRS, you can learn the names of all owners of apartments in the last 10 years, even if you only have her address. Fill in the request form in which you specify the reason of the request, pay the state duty in savings Bank branch and get the owner information.
Owner information (if he rents the apartment, formally and/or is a diligent taxpayer) must be in the local tax office. There you can also get information about who is the owner of the residential premises. But if you are interested in information about whether the time was introduced property taxes, this information can provide only upon request of the court.
The information you can provide, and the FMS, if you know the name of the owner of the apartment, as it may be was completely different address.