You will need
  • -the individual number of the taxpayer;
  • -card number pension insurance;
  • -passport details
Please register on the website To do this, fill in the form in which you specify your passport data, retirement insurance and individual taxpayer identification number.
Get a special registration confirmation code. This can be done in special units of the company "Rostelecom" or the Russian post. Confirm the registration on the website.
Log in to your account. On the main page, choose the "Taxes and Fees". Locate the section "Filing tax return". Then choose the method of submission of declarations via the Internet.
Fill in a field Declaration - data on the taxpayer information about income received, if necessary, also enter the data on owed to you property or social deduction.
Send the completed tax Declaration in your tax office. A few days later, you will need to come to FTS to ensure that the Declaration has been filled in correctly and the inspectors do not have to it any claims and put your own signature on the document. Usually this can be done in a separate window, so you will be spared from having to stand in line.