You will need
  • - passport;
  • - power of attorney (in case of delivery through a representative);
  • - mail envelope, blank inventory investment and money for payment of communication services (if sent by mail);
  • - computer and Internet access.
If the owner rents the Declaration itself, it is enough to fill in and sign a document to make a copy (or two originals) and to bring in your inspection during working hours. Number and address of your tax and its opening hours can be found on the website of the FTS of Russia in section of a search inspection on the registered address (or legal address of the enterprise).Each tax has its own method of dealing with the public. Somewhere in the Declaration of taking in a special window, somewhere has to call the duty officer on the phone. In the second instance, the employee of the Inspectorate shall make a mark of acceptance.
The same procedure filing through a representative, only added to the need to discharge his attorney. The entrepreneur needs to specify who is trusted to sign and deliver the Declaration, and to assure the document is signed and in the presence of a seal.You will also need to complete the section of the Declaration of representative, to indicate that the document is served to them. To sign the Declaration should be representative. The power of attorney is given to the worker inspections together with the Declaration.
To send tax statements by mail should be by registered mail with the inventory of investments, certified by the head of the liaison office. It will have to evaluate each investment in a particular amount at the discretion of the sender.
The date of sending the document shall be the date of delivery in the mail, confirmed by receipt of payment for her services.
To pass the Declaration through the Internet, the entrepreneur has to choose a service which can do it. Their offer on the market large. Some charge for their services a monthly fee, others a one-time, and using electronic accountant Elba, you can file a Declaration for the unified tax in connection with application of simplified tax system free of charge.With the service you need to sign the Treaty or join the offer and to issue him a power of attorney. Her sample on the website, and a completed and signed copy is uploaded to the website in the form of scanned copies or sent by mail in original. Then use interface, you can generate a Declaration, export it from the computer and give the command to send.