Scientists studied shyness and came to the conclusion that this quality is not innate, it is the result of some life circumstances, which he too focused on himself. Because the constraint is the excessive concentration on the self and anxiety, to different thoughts and complexes that appear in humans. Note that you can delete will have it.
Find your confidence. To overcome shyness, you need to understand that you are a person who has something to be proud of. Behave confidently, as all people more focused on themselves than on others shortcomings.
Almost all people experiencing severe shyness is not constant, and in certain situations. Think about what ways of human communication and the company inspire you greatest fear, where you feel more uncomfortable. Select the most light of the situation, and to begin to try to gain a foothold in them, behaving calmly.
Stop focusing on yourself, try to pay more attention to the people around you. Think about the conversation and the circumstances and not about what you said or did something wrong that you are not wearing, etc.
You should not compare themselves with others. Each person can find the quality or detail of the appearance, who better than you. But you have qualities that no other people. Each something the best. Pointless to compare. You pay attention to their own shortcomings and forget about the merits, therefore, I feel embarrassed.
You have a comfort zone where you feel comfortable and confident – it's close and well familiar people. Expand this area. Chat with strangers, attend social events, meet new people. Do things that you always wanted but did not dare. You will not notice as the number of reasons to be proud will outweigh the percentage of misses and false faults.
Take the example of those who believe in themselves. They behave naturally and calmly look at them, observe and try to learn important social skills. Very often the lion's share of success in society is a smile and eye contact.
Learn to relax. Use breathing techniques, meditation, auto-suggestion – try several options and find something that is guaranteed to work in your case. The company from time to time don't forget to relax, it will help you behave simply and naturally.