Cook of agar-agar jelly, which can be submitted as a refreshing dessert or snack. To do this, mix in a small saucepan, 2 cups water and 1/4 Cup of flakes of agar-agar. Simmer for approximately 5 minutes until the agar is completely dissolved. Then pour the mixture into the mold, cool to room temperature and refrigerate until fully cured.
Add to agar-agar fruit and nuts. Dissolve agar-agar in water, mix it with nuts and fresh or tinned fruit. To prepare the jelly layer, pour a little dissolved agar in the form, give it some time to solidify, then put on top of fruit and nuts, again pour the agar and allow to harden. Repeat layers as many times as necessary. Refrigerate the jelly and place in the refrigerator overnight for complete curing.
Cook of agar pudding, adding tofu and/or yogurt. To do this, first dissolve the agar in the liquid. Whisk together the tofu, yogurt and sugar (can be without it), and if desired, add vanilla extract or lemon juice. Connect the prepared mixture with the dissolved agar, and mix well until smooth. Cool before feeding.
Prepare a savoury mousse. Dissolve the agar in soy milk or broth and add to it instead of sugary the following ingredients: ground cashews, cloves, tahini and lemon juice. Ready mousse it is necessary to use cooling.
Experiment with conventional wash dish. Prepare a vegetable broth. Dissolve the agar and add the finely cut vegetables used in preparing the broth. Use any vegetables of your taste. Pour the jelly in moulds cool down at room temperature and refrigerate until fully cured. Jelly ready to serve on lettuce leaves.
Use agar-agar as a side dish. Dissolve it in a little water, mix with orange juice and refrigerate in a pot of that diameter, until the jelly turned to a thickness of not more than 1 cm Slice frozen jelly cubes and serve as a garnish to vegetables.