You will need
    • For marmalade with agar-agar:
    • 10 g of sugar;
    • 100 ml orange juice (canned
    • unsweetened);
    • 200 ml of water;
    • 5 g of agar-agar
    • 140 g of black currant mashed with sugar.
Agar-agar used instead of gelatin. It has no smell, no taste, and because of its antibacterial contributes to a longer storage of food, in which there is. Sold by agar-agar powder is usually (at least in flakes or plates).
Dissolve agar powder in some warm liquid (water, broth, fruit juice) in the ratio of about one teaspoon per Cup of liquid and leave for about fifteen minutes to swell. Then put the liquid with the agar-agar on fire and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil. When it dissolved completely, remove the liquid from the fire, put the required additives and cool dish at room temperature.
Since the gelling properties of agar-agar are varied to determine the correct proportion, test it in practice. To do this, before cooling the whole mixture, spoon a teaspoon of the liquid and place on half a minute in the freezer. If the mixture is quickly frozen – so the proportion is chosen correctly. You can safely cool the whole dish. If not, dissolve a little powder in a small amount of water and pour it into the mainstream.
When cooking the jelly with agar-agar can be used in any known recipe. Please note that agar-agar will take two to three times less than gelatin.
Marmalade with agar-agar. Dissolve the agar agar in warm water and leave to swell for ten minutes. Candied currants mix with hot water and add juice. Put on fire and bring to a boil. Pour in the water with agar-agar and boil all for five minutes on a quiet fire. Then pour into molds, cool and refrigerate. After complete curing, remove the gummies from the molds, roll each in sugar or coconut.