Adjust the headlights of your car by yourself if in your area there is no service center with special equipment, or you for some reason are unable to go there. The setting should begin with an inspection of the suspension components. Note the tire pressure of the wheels, the difference in their sizes. Look at the condition of suspension springs and load distribution in the car body, as all the faults that can be revealed during such inspection, have a direct impact on the direction of the light beam.
Load the driver's seat ballast weighing approximately 80 pounds and fill the gas tank halfway. And then check the status of the lamps in the headlights. If you find bulbs with blackened flasks, they must be changed.
Pick up a smooth vertical wall for holding the setting before which should be at least eight meters of horizontal section of the roadway. In order to clearly set the lights, you'll need to hang on the wall screen, which can be done independently.
You will need to drive right up to the wall and mark the center of the car on the wall and the Central axis of each of the headlamps. Then off for seven and a half meters and a horizontal line on the wall to make connecting the dots centres of the headlights, and then using them to draw vertical lines. Then at 7.5 cm below, draw a line parallel to the horizontal line drawn through the centers of the headlights. Then turn on low beams and the left headlight to close the carton.
Using the adjustment screws, adjust the right headlight so that the upper limit of the beam coincide on the screen with the bottom line. Then in the same way adjust the left headlight. Doing all the right advice, you won't create problems either road users or yourself. On machines with separate headlights for high and low beam adjustment is performed individually for all 4 headlights.