You will need
  • sheets of brass, a file, a vise, heavy paper.
Be aware that the blades on the screwe may be from one and up to four or five pieces, depending on size of vessel and purpose screw. They must be mounted on a special propeller shaft, is driven by a marine engine. When you start rowing screwand the blades throw the water back, she hesitates and causes the vehicle to move in one direction or another, forward or back.Prepare the necessary materials: sheets of brass, a file, a vise, heavy paper or cardboard, pencil or pen, scissors and sandpaper. I would like to mention that for the manufacture of blades of the rowing screwand it is best to use brass with a thickness of two to four millimeters.
Determine what ship it is necessary to make the screw. To check the size and weight, as well as what purpose will be used. Then decide the type, the type of blades for the propeller screwand their number.
The Internet to find the drawings for the Assembly of a rowing screw. Select the appropriate view and then take the cardboard or paper and draw on it the blade screwand the blade or if it will be the only one. It is important to know that the blades for the self-propelled vessel must be less than 0.5 meters, and also in their manufacture must be observed the exact length to width ratio. The blades should not be make too narrow or wide.
Cut a pattern from paper on the contours drawn by you. Apply the resulting patterns to sheets of brass from which to fabricate the blades. Take a nail or any other sharp object and drag of the blade on the brass leaves exactly on the contour.
Cut out using special scissors or a saw blanks made of brass. With the help of emery paper or a file, process its own preparations so that they were smooth and without chipping.
Fabricate conical hub. This can be done in the same brass. Solder the blade to the resulting conical hub.
Attach the resulting design for the propeller shaft, securing it from all sides by bolts. Do not forget to use when attaching a rubber strip. Lower the boat into the water. Run the mechanism. Enjoy the rowing screwand when traveling on the ship.