You will need
    • pistachios;
    • salt;
    • a pot or other capacity;
    • frying pan or baking sheet.
Prepare salted pistachios saturated salt solution. To do this, take a container of suitable size (e.g., enamel pot and fill with water and sprinkle ordinary table, iodized, salt. Stir until then, until crystals are able to dissolve. To the resulting solution, omit the pistachios. Soak the nuts in brine at room temperature for at least two hours, so they should be soaked.
Once the pistachios are salted in the pan, remove them and air dry. Lay out nuts on a paper or regular linen towel and allow the liquid to drain. Dried pistachios fry in a skillet or warm on a baking sheet in the oven. In fact, this nut being suitable to eat raw, fry it only to enhance the flavor.
Much tastier pistachios in roasted on a real fire. If you have the opportunity to leave the city or to the country, grab a pre-salted nuts. In a camp pot or pan for grilling pistachios will be even more fragrant, impregnated with smoke. Pistachios combined with cheese and other foods are ideal for picnic.
The resulting product can be used as a standalone snack to beer, white or red wine and strong drinks (brandy and others). No less tasty pistachios in the composition of meat, finely chopped nuts are added in vegetable salads. Traditionally pistachios served in a salt form, however, there are many recipes for sweet dishes, which are also present in this nut.