You will need
    • Peas
    • water.
For soup you can use whole or crushed grain. Before you prepare the peas for the soup, it must be well rinsed. To do this, take a colander, emptying into it the peas and place the dishes under running water for a few minutes, stirring occasionally peas. You can wash it in the usual pot. In this case, you just have to change the water to rid of excess starch and dust.
When the peas is ready, soak it in water. If the peas are crushed, and its core divided into two halves, just place them in a saucepan, cover with boiling water and cover the top with a lid. After the water has cooled, drain it, and swollen peas rinse again. After that it is ready to cook and spread out in the pan with the broth or clean water. After soaking it fall apart in the soup until soft fairly quickly.
If the whole grains, then their training will take much more time. So if lunch is planned pea soup, soak the peas beforehand. It is best to fill it with water at night then in the morning will only have to flush it and put in the broth. Using hot water, you can reduce the time to prepare the peas. Gulf of boiling water over the peas, boil it for a minute and wait until the water cools. Then immerse the peas in hot water again. So for 30 minutes it will reach the desired condition.