You will need
  • You'll need a program to recover files.
The programs of such "restorative" areas include Restoration, Roadkil's Undelete, SoftPerfect File Recovery, PC Inspector File Recovery, DataRecovery, NTFS Undelete, and others. This is a free utility that helps to recover deleted information of any kind - texts, images, videos. You can test them all and choose a more convenient tool. And you can start with one of the most easy to use free utility Recuva.
Download from network program Recuva on your PC. Open it. On the monitor in front of you will open a new window is the installation wizard. You can refuse his help, you absolutely can install it yourself.
Select the language in which the program will work. This can be done by alternately clicking on the command Options - Language - English.
After that go to the drive where you had previously been desired deleted files and then click "Analyze".
The program will quickly analyze your hard drive and you will see the deleted files. Recuva will not only provide a list of threadbare data, but will mark each file an icon that indicates you can restore it or not.
Next to the files that can be recovered will be a green circle. Next to the ones that can be restored only partly yellow circle, and those that cannot be restored to red.
Study this list-report and check-mark the files you want to restore. Click on the button "Restore". Just a few minutes, and the lost data will be restored to the place where they were before removal and you will be able to view them.