You will need
  • program Recuva
Program Recuva is a small utility, freely available, easy to handle. There is no difficulty to download it and install on your computer.Run the program. You will see on your monitor new opened window is the installation wizard. If you want you can close this window utility is so friendly and easy to use that no additional assistance in installing and working with the program, you do not need. Or you may use the prompts in the installation wizard.
Agree with the terms of the License agreement" and continue.
The program will prompt you to install the free Google Toolbar – it is at your discretion. When decide this question - click "Install".
First and foremost, in the settings select the language in which it should work. This can be done by clicking Options - Language - English.
Then go to the disk where in the recent past were the desired lost data. Click the "Analyze"button.
The analysis process completes quickly, and you will see a list of deleted files. The program not only will provide a list of the deleted data, but also assigns each file an icon that indicates the possibility of its recovery.Next to the files that can be recovered, will glow a green circle, next to the ones that can be restored only partially yellow, and those that cannot be restored – red color.
Browse through the list and tick those filesthat you want to return. Click "Restore". A minute later, your lost data will be restored to the place where they were before.