You will need
  • - a form of Federal state statistical observation number P-4 "information on the number, wages and movement of workers", approved by decision of Rosstat from 09.06.2007 № 46;
  • - the sheet of accounting of working time.
Take a P-4, which includes a cover sheet and three sections. The report must be submitted to the territorial bodies of state statistics every quarter, when the average number of employees not more than 15 persons; if the number is above 15 – every month.
On the title page, provide the full name of the organization (should be identical to the name in the constituent documents) and its shortened abbreviation. Code OKPO make below. In the line "Mail address" field, enter zip code, legal address of the organization.
In the first section of form 4 reflect information about the activities of the organization, number of employees, waste their time, and the amounts of their assessed earnings. In the graph And specify the types of your economic activities in row-02 – 11, and codes for ОКВЭД2 – in box V. what keep the sum of lines 02 - 11 were equal to the counts indicators from the relevant graph line 01.
In the second section of form 4 give information of use of working hours of all payroll employees since the beginning of the year. This information made the timesheet.
The third section details (quarter, half year, 9 months, year) on the motion of payroll employees, which are recorded cumulatively.