You will need
  • - the report on profits and losses;
  • - the balance sheet.
People engaged in entrepreneurial activity is irregular, choose the simplified taxation. Stable working entrepreneurs choose to pay single tax on imputed income.
The choice is due to the fact that the unemployed entrepreneur much easier to pay 2 times a year the simplified tax, which is up to 15% of income. It does not require quarterly submission of reports, if the entrepreneur does not use wage labor. Businessmen are located on a single tax, reports should be delivered in smaller quantities, but on a quarterly basis.
The closing of the quarter should be strictly according to the forms approved by the Ministry of Finance. Form No. 1 – this is the balance sheet and form No. 2 is "the Report on profits and losses".
Report either electronically or in paper form, and shall within one month after the end of the quarter. The date of report is the date of actual transmission to the inspector. If a quarterly report is sent by mail, the date of dispatch will be considered the date of delivery of the reporting.
Every entrepreneur, no matter what the system he was supposed to keep records of income and expenses using a record Book that you want to register in the tax office. The advantage is that records of income and expenditure does not require the availability of primary documents due to the fact that it does not affect the tax rate and gross revenue.
When completing the report, the activities of the entrepreneur and the identification code are transferred in an approved report form from the taxpayer. Movements can be taken from the Ledger of income and expenses. And the paid tax amount is recorded together with the receipt number or payment order.
If the entrepreneur will act as the employer, he will have to become on the account in Fund of social insurance and the Pension Fund - then instead of 2 forms of the report will have to pass 4. You will need to pay contributions to these funds based on employee wages. In addition, you need to keep the tax to incomes of physical persons from each employee and remit it to the state budget.