Purchase modem Dial-up and connect it to the computer in accordance with instruction. Connect the cable from the phone. Install on a computer, special software is most suitable program VentaFax. You can use it to send voice message, send Fax, connect the caller ID and record phone conversations. To read more about it and download it to your computer is the program on the website This is the official website, so the download will be paid. You might try the free version on other sites. Connect to a computer microphone and headphones, and connect your phone and computer ready.
Use the special USB adapter to connect a landline phone to the computer. This device has a USB plug to connect to the computer, and two special RJ-11 connector for connection to the urban telephone apparatus and to the usual telephone each (ground, fixed) line. If you can't find such a device in the store, you can try to order online. Abroad it costs about $ 34. You will be able to take computer regular calls and redirect local phone calls with Skype, which is especially useful if you have a phone you can walk around the room, not sitting at the computer.
If you need not to talk but simply to record telephone conversations to a computer use the modem program Modem Spy. It will allow you to save an important conversation, then to hear it again or to collect evidence of the actions of the telephone hooligan. Download paid license version is available here: So, the limit of technical perfection is not, and using modern devices you can connect a computer and a landline phone.