You will need
  • Computer, home phone, SIP adapter
It should be noted that without additional hardware to connect the home telephone to the computer impossible. For today the most optimal solution for connecting a stationary telephoneto a computer is to use a special SIP adapter. All subsequent steps of connecting a home telephoneand to a PC will be described using the SIP adapter. It should be noted that SIP adapters are multifunctional devices that can expand the capabilities of home phoneNoah network and the Internet.
Turn on the computer. Connect the SIP to a network card on the computer. If you have not separately purchased a network card, connect to the integrated, the map is available on virtually any computer (except very old models). Built-in network card called Ethernet.
Find an Ethernet interface on the rear panel of your computer and plug back SIP adapter. Connect your phone to SIP adapter. Install the driver and utility disc, which he received when buying the SIP adapter.
Now using the appropriate utilities needed to configure the connected phone. Although the phone will be displayed as connected to the computer device, but for greater functionality, such as voice calls over the Internet you will need to enter some settings.
Run the installed utility to configure a SIP adapter. Depending on the residence, you will need to enter the phonetion code of the city. Then the program will automatically make all necessary settings. Then the phone will be fully connected to the computer.
For connecting your home telephoneand the computer not necessarily the presence of a fixed telephonenetwork, Noah. If you live in a house or apartment where there is still no phone, but there is a possibility to connect to the Internet, for example, cable does not necessarily need to connect the phone and Internet separately. Connect your Internet and then connect your home phonetion device to the computer, as described above, and can make normal phonecalls wide, using the Internet.