In order to open a branchneed, first and foremost, to find a Bank that plans to expand its branchnetwork learning. This should create an initiative group that would be able to engage in negotiations with parent banks in the survey open a branch.
As soon as any Bank is interested in your offer, wait for the forms that will need to substantiate to the opening of the branch. Methodical recommendations for the compilation of this document, as a rule, include information on economic and geographical indicators in the region, the political situation, the analysis of the banking sector. In addition, you will have to offer a potential client base, the possible location of the branch, as well as to provide information about a prospective supervisor.
If you compiled the study will satisfy the management of the parent Bank, you can start to develop a business plan and financial work plan for the near future. Thus the main question, which, as a rule, interested in leadership opportunities in the region to raise funds for the formation of the liabilities of the branchand Bank.
After the lead Bank will make a decision about opening a brancha, the user should send notification to the Main office of Central Bank at its location and at the location of a future branch. Applied to it the position of branche, the profiles of candidates for Executive positions, the payment document on payment of the fee for the open division.
Territorial institution of the Bank of Russia at the place of opening the branchand within 2 weeks considering the documents submitted, approves nominations of Directors and chief accountant of a branchand gives an opinion on the conformity of the premises. The branch of the Bank has the right to start working from the moment of entering about it records in the Book of state registration of credit institutions and assigning the sequence number.