You will need
  • - start-up capital;
  • - business plan;
  • premises;
  • - the Charter;
  • - Memorandum of Association.
Develop a preliminary business project in the future commercial credit organizations. In this rate the own possibilities of development of the Bank. Determine those persons who are your partners and founders of the Bank. Provide financial capacity for normal activity of the future enterprise.
Please note the conditions listed in the law. Especially the fact that the share capital of any commercial Bank must be no less than 180 million rubles. You will need documents that can prove the legality of origin of these funds.
Check out the founders of the commercial Bank. They must have a good reputation that suggest a lack of convictions for any economic crimes, the fulfillment of all financial obligations to the Russian state and its citizens. All this information needs to be documented.
Select the most appropriate organizational form for a Bank. Can create it in OOO or in form of joint stock companies. Best of all for this reason consult a qualified lawyer.
Pick a name for your Bank. Then with the help of a lawyer will prepare articles of incorporation, the drafting of which you previously had to discuss with their partners (founders).
Create together with partners, the Charter of the credit institution, as well as a detailed and final version of the business strategy.
Pick up the working staff. First, you must determine the management structure of the Bank. This system should include different functional services and departments. Optimally distribute the work function of the Bank. This will depend on the efficiency of the Bank as a whole.
Pass the registration procedure of the Bank. For these purposes, submit to the regional office of the Central Bank the documents required, which is determined by the law on banking. Typically, it includes articles of Association, statement, Memorandum, information about the founders, the receipt of payment of the fee, the document on the right use of the premises.