First specify the size of the rate of VAT at the current moment. From January 2004 the rate of VAT in the Russian Federation is 18%. If you want to select VAT from the amount available, divide the amount per unit to which you want to add the rate of VAT in fraction to 100%. In other words, when VATequal to 18%, add to the unit of 0.18 (18% of 100%). For example, if the amount of goods or services is 1000 rubles, then dividing it by 1.18, you will receive 847,457 RUB.
Next, from the sum subtract the original number. That is, subtract 1000 from 847,457. As a result, you will receive -152,542. That the number turned positive, multiply it by negative one. Then round the result to hundredths (cents) to the nearest side. Thus, VAT from 1000 rubles amounted to 152,54 of the ruble.
In order to charge VAT, multiply the original amount by the unit rate with the addition of VAT. For example, if you need to charge VAT for 1000 rubles, multiply this amount by 1.18. In the end, you get 1180. This amount, which accounted for VAT. Usually on receipts of goods, indicate the price including and excluding VAT, to the consumer to focus on the initial cost of the purchased goods. If such clarification is not, you can calculate the VAT of the amount. To do this, multiply the price of the goods on the rate of VAT in numerical terms, that is, 0.18. For example, 1000 (cost of goods) 0.18, resulting in you will receive 180. This is the size of the VAT.
If you do not want or are not able to calculate VAT , please refer to the world wide web. On the Internet there are many online calculators that can work with a variety of transactions involving VAT. To calculate VAT with the help of this service, fill in the field "Rate VAT", "Amount" and select the action you want to perform: to charge or allocate the VAT.