Determine the tax rate that applies to operations that you perform. It depends on what you are implementing. The General rate for VAT is 18%, but the implementation of, for example, certain food products and goods for children it is 10%. To know which rate applies in your case, you can in article 164 of the Tax code.
Determine the tax base. The article 153 of the Tax code. The tax base is dependent on the sale of manufactured or purchased goods. Usually it is calculated based on the price of goods specified by the parties to the transaction.
The VAT calculation in the presence of the amount it includes, to produce the easiest thing in the following way: imagine that the amount includes VAT, is equal to 118% (if we use a tax rate of 18%). Divide the sum by 118 and multiply it by 100. For example, the amount together with VAT is equal to 1000. After dividing 1000 118 is obtained approximately 8,474. When multiplied by 100 out of about 847,4. This is a sum without VAT. In order to find out the VAT, you must deduct 847,4 from 1000. Accordingly, VAT will be equal to of 152.6 rubles.
To charge VAT on any amount, multiply this amount (tax base) rate of VAT. If the estimated amount will be equal to 1000 rubles, and the rate will be equal to 18%, then VAT will need 1000 multiply by 18 and divide by 100. Received 180 rubles add to 1000. Accordingly, VAT will be equal to 180 rubles, and VAT - 1180 rubles.
If you don't want to determine the amount of VAT or charge it manually, remove it using special online calculators. This calculator is available on various websites, for example here: