You will need
  • - the book of sales and purchases;
  • - the registers of invoices;
  • - VAT Declaration, approved by the Ministry of Finance.
The value added tax paid by companies, entrepreneurs and individuals who are recognized as payers of VAT when moving goods through customs. However, some organizations and businesses may be exempt from paying VAT in the performance of the terms of article 145 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
VAT are the sale of goods, performance of construction works, import of goods into the territory of Russia, etc. More details on transactions not subject to VAT, can be found in article 149 of NK of the Russian Federation, and about the imported goods in article 150 of the tax code.
The moment of determining the tax base for VAT is the day of shipment of goods or rendering of services and works, and the date of receipt of the payment for future shipments. Rates of VAT prescribed in article 164 of the tax code, but the basic rate of VAT is normally 18%, in some cases, it may be limited to 10% or even zero rate.
Reporting on VAT for rent each quarter. To do this, the accountant completes the tax Declaration on the value added. And to take this Declaration need not later than the 20th day following the reporting tax period. In fact, 20 APR, 20 June, 20 October and 20 January.
Declaration of VAT is filled on a special form developed by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. To calculate the VAT of the organization or businessman have to have the sales book and purchase book (those books approved by the Ministry of Finance) and registers of received and issued invoices (form of arbitrary).
For late filing of returns VAT subject to administrative liability. So if the Declaration is late filed less than 180 days from the required deadline, the organization is imposed a penalty of 5% of the required amount of tax, if more than 180 days – 30% of the total tax amount and 10% for each overdue month beginning with the 181st day.