In order to charge VAT on the amount of completed LABOR, determine the tax rate that applies to your organization. Legislation of the Russian Federation there are three rates of VAT: 18%, 10% and 0%. Most often used rate of 18%. A reduced 10% rate applies to certain food and children's goods. A zero rate is used when exporting.
To charge VAT on a particular amount means to increase its tax rate. To do this, first determine the amount of the tax in monetary terms. Multiply the amount of LABOR to implement the tax rate (in decimal terms). For example, the value of 18% tax from the sum 200 000 rbl. the formula is:200 000 × 0,18 = 36 000 (RUB)
To sum, implementation add the calculated amount of tax. 200 000 + 36 000 = 236 000 (RUB.)
Similarly, you can charge VAT on the amount in one step. To do this, multiply the amount of realization on the value of (1 + tax rate) in decimal expression. Using the numbers from the example, you will get the same result:200 000 × 1,18 = 236 000 (RUB)
Accountants often need to do the reverse operation — select VAT from the amount. Knowing the current rate of tax to do need calculation is quite simple. For this final amount divide by the value (100 + tax rate) and multiply the result by the tax rate in absolute terms. For example, to highlight a 18% VAT of $ 300 000 RUB, make the calculation according to the formula:300 000 / (100 + 18) × 18 = 45762,71 (RUB.)