You will need
  • - special soil for orchids or bromeliads;
  • - pot;
  • - expanded clay:
  • - foam;
  • coal;
  • - a healthy plant is a guzmania.
Choose for planting guzmania low and wide pot. The root systems of all bromeliads is shallow, so the plant can not absorb too deep vessel. This can lead to putrefaction in the soil.
Pour on the bottom of the drainage layer. It needs to be equal to about 1/3 of the height of the pot. As drainage can use expanded clay, foam pieces or wood charcoal. The coal prevents the acidification of the soil and the occurrence of infections in too wet soil, because guzmania loves abundant watering and high humidity.
Prepare the soil for the plants. Stores sell ready-made sets of soil for bromeliads, includes sphagnum, peat, bark pieces and loose leaf. Similar requirements to the soil also have orchids, so ready the soil for orchids can be used for guzmania.
As additives for the soil, you can use charcoal and pine needles. They will make the substrate looser.
Pour the prepared soil on top of the drainage layer of a few centimeters. In the middle of a small hill.
The hill put guzmania, straighten the roots. Carefully pour the soil. Postukivanie on the walls of the pot so the soil was Packed more densely.
Pour a layer of soil up to the neck and plants several times easy to knock the pot on the table. The soil will settle and you will be able to fill up a little more. Not utrambovyvaya the soil with your hands. Guzmania likes light permeable substrates, so the ground should be loose.
Place the plant in a warm, moderately Sunny place. Eliminate drafts. Provide high humidity. For this you can put the pot on a tray with wet expanded clay. Watering planted guzmania warm water supernatant directly into the rosette of leaves.