To know the power of the microprocessor of your computer, click on the icon "My computer" the right mouse button in the menu that appears click "Properties". And you will see all the specifications of your system including processor frequency and power.
Also at the moment there are a number of special programs that allow you to learn all of the most important characteristics of your system and personal computer. One of the most popular programs is CPU-Z. you can Download it from official website, then install to hard drive, launch it and click "Check system". On screen appear all the information about your computer.
If you are wondering how to increase the power of the processor, refer to experienced programmers or computer scientists. They know how to solve this problem, and will help you in the shortest possible time. If you want to hold the increase in CPU power when the system hit a certain key (it may be Del, F8, Ins on the keyboard - depends on version) and you will get to the BIOS, which is a kind of center of control of all parameters and the characteristics of your system and iron. After entering in BIOS, reset all default settings by selecting in the main menu, the inscription Load default Settings. Also disable any unnecessary ports and controllers pread Spectrum, Vanderpool Technology, intel speedstep and C1E support. Changing some of them, you can increase the processor capacity by 15 – 20%. Modify the following parameters CLK Base (FSB bus) = 300 MHz and decrease to a few units cpu freguency. Then set the following parameters as follows: a timing memory 5-5-5-15-5, memory clock speed of 533 MHz. After reboot you'll see how your CPU works faster.