However, each conditional ranking is quite an ordinary clock frequency. Now on the market of processors two main competitor is Intel and AMD. Each of them has its own line of processors and their own symbols. And although manufacturers do not hide the true frequency of the processorif it is not named, it can be found on the manufacturers ' websites and
If the CPU is already installed in the computer, to see its frequency is possible when enabled. In that case, you turn on the computer showing the logo of the motherboard, just press Tab and you will see a POST screen, which is visible from the model of the processor. However, not all versions of BIOS display with its frequency.
Even know the frequency of the processor by clicking the right mouse button on "My computer" and selecting "Properties". In the "General" tab you can see the type of CPU and its frequency.
However, the most complete information about the processor can be obtained by downloading a small free program CPU-Z from the manufacturer's website Download the archive and unzip it. The program does not require installation, just run the file cpuz.exe and you will get a comprehensive data about your CPU. Here you can see not only the clock frequency and the name of the model, but core type, revision, stepping, voltage, fabrication process, which produced the processor, number of cores supported by the user, the frequency of the bus, cache size and more. In addition, the software gives full information about your motherboard, memory and graphics card.
In addition to the CPU-Z processor information you can learn and using other diagnostic programs such as SiSoft Sandra, Aida, Everest etc.