You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • browser;
  • - Microsoft HTML Help Workshop;
  • - HTM2CHM.
Click on the link, download HTM2CHM program designed for creating help files. Install the program on your computer.
Start it. Make file help needed, starting with the creation of the content. In the main program menu select "Content". Next, let's open a window "Generator of content", it specify a folder with prepared HTML files for creating a file format *.chm, enter the name and location of the future file reference.
Go to editor mode, all the articles will be arranged in a vertical linear list. Sort articles alphabetically, if necessary, edit the titles of the articles, or assign individual buttons to articles.
To move an article, drag it to the right place. Go to page properties to set the icon (right-click the mouse on the page, open the context menu, select "Properties").
Download the program HTML Help Workshop, click on the link and click the "Download" button. Install the program on your computer, launch it to continue work on the design of the help file.
Create a new project (File "New"). Specify a project name and save location. In the next window, specify the files to include in the project (html and file content), then add html files to the project. Next will launch the preferences window where you can select the appearance options of the help file. For example, go to the tab Buttons to add buttons to your file. When all settings is selected, compile the file-the help button Start.