The same database also contains other data about Internet provider, including its geographical location. This accounting Internet connections, it becomes possible to define a geographic location from IP address.
Use any web service for determining the geographic location of the Internet connection with you are interested in IP address. A lot of them on the Internet, as it is not at all complicated build scripts that make on the basis of user-entered information WHOIS queries in a distributed database registrars. A script can even be placed on your own computer. Many companies are prepared to distribute the database in which contains info, making unnecessary WHOIS requests - geolocation IP connection in this case can be determined even without access to the Internet.
Selecting the most appropriate web service, go to its page and enter in the corresponding field of the form IP address, geographical origin which interests you. For example, the page it should be typed in the box that is placed next to "Enter ip/domain". By default, this field is placed your own IP address, the extracted scripts from the page request sent by your browser to the site server. If you wish, you can verify that the service is able to correctly determine the geographical position sending to a server first with its own IP address, simply click the button labeled "Go!". Once we have processed your request on the page, the map appears with the calculated service settlement and stating his name and country.