Advice 1: How to find the serial number of the processor

Every computer processor has its own serial number. In some cases it may be useful to the user. For example, often a warranty from the manufacturer is required to fill in a form on the official website and register your product. In the registration form, you must specify the serial number of the processor.
How to find the serial number of the processor
You will need
  • - screwdriver.
Quite often the serial number can be found on the package to the processor. But if the computer you gathered in the service center or did you buy already assembled PC, packages to components you could not be issued.
Sometimes the serial number of the CPU specified in the warranty sheet to it. You also have the right to require the serial number of the processor from the seller. He must have such information, and he is obliged to provide it.
Unfortunately, it is difficult to know the serial number of the processor using various system tools of the operating system and programs. On modern processors the output of the serial number programmatically is blocked. So if using the above methods you failed to learn it, you will need to open the system unit.
Disconnect the computer from the mains. Remove all peripheral devices. Unscrew the fastening screws and remove the system cover. Next you need to remove the CPU cooling. This cooler, which is cooler. The majority of radiators are disengaged using the lever. Sometimes you have to Unscrew the mounting screws. After disconnecting the radiator you will get access to the processor. Removing it is optional; with a cloth wipe off the thermal grease from the CPU, then you will see the serial number. If the symbols are hard to see, can be illuminated with a flashlight.
Before connecting the radiator, you need to put on the CPU, a thin layer of thermal paste. If thermal paste is not available, you can buy it at any computer store. Install the radiator back in, close the system cover, reconnect the peripherals. Now you have a serial number. Better to keep it in a safe place, again, not had to remove the radiator.

Advice 2: How to know the registration number of the insured

Registration numbers are assigned to insured persons entrepreneurs and legal entities making contributions to the Pension Fund, social insurance Fund and compulsory medical insurance Funds. In most cases you can recognize them by telephone or by personal visit to the provider you office Fund.
How to know the registration number of the insured
You will need
  • - INN of the entrepreneur or organization, or transmission of the organization;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • phone;
  • - constituent documents of the enterprise or entrepreneur.
The easiest way to know the number of the insured in the social insurance Fund. To do this, go to his website and on the page to enter your VAT number or to the organization of PPC in the search form and click on the button "Search".
You can also call your regional branch of the Fund or to visit him personally.
Other funds of such information via the Internet is not available.
The ability to know your number of insured in the Pension Fund by telephone depends on the specific Department. In some of such information and provide on call, others only by personal visit.
To visit the offices of the Foundation to bring your passport, certificate of registration of an entrepreneur or enterprise, and the data was in the presence of a CAT.
The situation is similar in territorial Fund of obligatory medical insurance. If the number is not given over the phone, you will have to visit his office serving your address of registered or legal address of the enterprise, with the same set of documents.
Useful advice
If you are sent notification of registration of the funds or other letters from, try to find them. There is a registration number of the insured in the relevant Fund must be present.
Information about these data may be present in the extract from EGRUL or egrip that you can get tax free or urgency for money.
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