You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - use a specialized service (for entrepreneurs and legal entities);
  • - the latest version of "Declaration" (for individuals);
  • - the documents confirming the income received and paid he tax.
For the submission of returns via the Internet entrepreneurs and legal entities you must first select the service, which they prefer to use.
Such offers in the global network enough. Most offer a subscription service with a monthly or annual fee, but options for the provision of services.
And the small businesses that use simplified taxation system, may file a Declaration for free using electronic accountant Elba.
Any such services need authorization from you. Usually the form of this document can be downloaded on his website. Some require that the completed grids on the printer, and certified by your signature and stamps the documents were sent on their postal address. But often enough to upload their scans via the form on the website.
Complete and return the Declaration you can use the service interface, by entering the required data in certain fields.
Better to use as a crib book of incomes and expenses or other accounting documents.
Normally, the system generates the Declaration itself, but many offer as an alternative to download the complete document in electronic form.
Confirmation of the date of Declaration of income as the notification came by e-mail. If necessary, you can request the paper version.
The opportunity to submit a Declaration via the Internet and have individuals who are payers of personal income tax (tax on income of physical persons). If you have registration on the portal of state Services.<url>" you can choose this option from the list offered there services, and download complete Declaration in electronic form.
To form the instrument for this purpose is easier with the help of a special program "Declaration" prepared by the Chief scientific-research computing center of the Russian Federal tax service. Its the latest version with all current changes is available on the center's website.
It only requires you to enter the required values in certain fields of the interface. Better to rely on the documents: W-2 help from tax agents and other proof of income and receipts of an independent tax.
Ready Declaration is stored on computer and downloaded through the portal of state Services.<url>.
After the date of Declaration 3НДФЛ using the Internet to visit your tax office will still have to sign. For this purpose there is usually provided a separate window or another variant that allows not to waste time in the General queue.