You will need
  • - handle;
  • notebook;
  • - the notebook.
Beautiful signed flaunted in your passport or appeared in important papers, think about not only the design but also on its components. Of course, the signature should be associated with your personal data: name, surname and patronymic. Before learning how to sign your painting.
To do this, take a pen and Notepad. Sit down and write in full name, surname and patronymic. Then write down the initials. Think about how you could beat them in the painting. Use the three capital letters of your initials or combine the fragment first and last name. You must obtain a unique set of characters - make your painting unique. Pick up some inclination for her, think of stroke (copyright bar), which will be a continuation of the last letter or symbol of your painting. Try several options and choose the one you like more than others.
In order to learn how to sign up, you need considerably workout. Take a Notepad with pen. Write your signature a short distance as many times as you need for perfect repetitions. Painted in the margins of notebooks - you have to fill out and then it will be easy to bring the perfect painting.