Signature— an indispensable attribute of a confident and successful man. According to scientists, the signature is just a conditioned reflex developed over time, the movement of our hands. But the sages say that in the caption reflected the human qualities and character.

What should be the signature? Do I need to stick to part of its name or can you just put a cross? It turns out that you can.

Is there a rule

No established rules. Signature is a special kind of individual manuscripts, which reflects the name of conditionally-written characters and identity of the signatory. The main and the only requirement is that the signature should not be changed, it should be identical to the sample that is in the passport. So the official papers to sign and a cross. Provided that the passport in the required column is just such a signature. You need to remember that the simpler your signature, the easier it is to forge. The passport office usually recommends that in the signature to use the first letter of the initials with flourishes.

The signature of a successful person

Of course, the original autograph can impress others. This is especially true in business. Win-win signature has certain characteristics.

The signature must be tilted forward and to the right side, which guarantees reliability in the future, suggests that in humans there is a strategy in the business. Those who puts his signature exactly and without tilting, a highly concentrated and fixated on one. They do not see their future and don't know what to do in the present. Tilt back says about people who are stuck in their past and today do not accept the change.

The label must begin and end with a stroke upward. If your signature does not meet these conditions, then you need to automate your signature at least the final top stroke of a pen. It is a symbol of luck and success, which is especially important in business and in leadership positions. If we analyze the signatures of famous people, you will notice that the signature comes out of their pen rapidly, rushing up, and the letters are clear, with a medium level of pressure. This is one of the 100 percent collateral for success, experts say.

Remember, a signature is your face and expression of individuality. If you still don't know how to sign up, it is never too late to learn.