You will need
  • - payment details of the buyer organization;
  • - name of product/service;
  • - cost of goods/services;
  • - quantity of goods;
  • - payment details of your organization.
When filling out the account, pay attention to the correctness or accuracy of the information contained therein. In practice, there is a certain form of this document, although it is not regulated.
In the invoice be sure to include your payment details (Bank name - payee, BIC, correspondent account, Bank account); payment information to another organization's billing address; product name; full name; INN; legal address; number of goods, unit price and total invoice amount.
If the contract provides for payment by instalments, underthe measures, first 30%, then the rest. In the account indicate that payment is made in part or payment in advance for goods/services in the contract.
Account you can draw on paper or in electronic form. The presence of the print on it is not necessarily because it is not an accounting document and not included in primary forms. To issue a document on the payment you can in an office program, like Word, or in specialized accounting programs.
The second option is preferable, because the accounts will be numbered in order, you will not need to type all this every time and you always be able to control the payment of your account. To control the receipt of money on current account, there are special software products of banks.
Select the amount of the tax in the total amount of the bill. If you are working on the common system of taxation, allocate VAT. Select the signature of the Director and accountant of the organization. Process payment of the goods and the invoice can be detailed in the contract. Oninmeasures, goods payment only after the invoice date, or payment of parts, etc.