The first thing Reverte the soil for acidity. The most common way of testing - litmus paper, which is sold in various stores for gardeners. To determine the acidity take depth 20 cm soil sample. Enough for 100 g soil check plot. Then moisten with pure water (rain, distilled, boiled). A sample of the soil with litmus paper squeeze in the hand. If the paper has turned red - the soil is strongly acidic. Pink color – the soil is of medium acidity. Slightly acidic soil will stain yellow. A neutral soil, blue color will show. If the color has a greenish-blue shade - the soil is close to neutral.
Also determine the acidity of the soil by weeds and wild plants. On highly acidic soils usually appears velvety green patina of moss. On acid - horsetail, sorrel, wild mint, tri-color violet. On slightly acid to grow chamomile, dandelion, mother-and-stepmother, ground, clover, grass, ferns. Shepherd's purse, nettle, chickweed, quinoa - these weeds indicate that the soil is neutral.

On slightly alkaline soils grow bindweed, poppy, white Sandman.
There is still an easy way to learn the acidity of the soil. You need to put in a glass bowl, a few leaves of cherry or black currant. Brewing the leaves in boiling water. When cool, toss in a bowl a little check of the earth. If the water turns red the soil at the site is acidic. If the blue is slightly acidic, but if a greenish tint is neutral.
The deoxidation soil liming is the process of entering into the land of lime fertilizers. Application of lime to soil reduces its acidity and improves the structure, reduces weeds, stimulates the activity of beneficial microorganisms. The finer limestone is ground, the stronger and more tangible action. For a soft impact instead of lime you can use chalk.
For soil deoxidation is widely used dolomite (limestone flour), which is also valuable lime and fertilizer. Dolomite powder neutralizes and evens out the acidity of the soil and also enriches it with magnesium, potassium and other useful plants for trace elements.
Pay attention to what is dolomite powder and lime should not be mixed with ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, urea, simple superphosphate and granulated.
Also, good effect gives the use of marl (silty material), chalk-marl. This types of loose limestone rock.
For soil deoxidation is possible to apply wood ash. But note that the use of ash is justified when you only need to tweak it a little acidity.